Access Montana keeps you connected with crystal-clear, dedicated home telephone service whether you are calling across the street or around the world. Allows you 50+ local calling exchanges with no toll charge. Customize your voice package, long distance, calling features, and more to fit your needs.


Residential Options:

 Unlimited         $32.61
  Measured        $19.36 

(1.5 cents/min outgoing local calls)

(All prices subject to change)

Connection Fees

Phone Installation:
Unlimited - $16  plus 1st month of local service
Measured - $16  plus 1st month of local service
Lifeline - $16 plus 1st month of local service
Call Feature Installation - $7

   Reconnect Fees: $15.00
   (reconnection after suspend for non-pay)

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Access Montana's Long Distance Plans
Plan Options
Access Montana Calling Plans Rate Per Minute Montly Fee
Flat $.12  N/A
7-7-7 $.07


200 Silver  200 minutes included    
additional minutes $.15/min
300 Gold  300 minutes included     
additional minutes $.15/min

All rates subject to change. 1 month minumum required.
** Access Montana toll is domestic calls only. International calls & operator are handled  by AT&T

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